Trash The Dress! (Aneeta & Ahmad)

When Aneeta & Ahmad initially asked us about our trash the dress shoots, one of the first things they brought up was whether or not we could set their dress ablaze.

In directing a "Trash The Dress" shoot, most people think that it's solely about ruining a dress.  While the name does imply that, it's more about a couple that gets to completely let loose.  Two people having the time of their lives and happen to be getting extremely dirty in the process.  We find that colour often helps to bring out some drama in these shoots.  It's supposed to be crazy and wild so using as many colours as you can to mess this dress up is a must.

One thing to keep in mind though is that safety is paramount.  While you want to make sure the couple is having an outrageous experience, you also want to make sure nobody gets hurt int he process.  Nothing can ruin a shoot faster than finding out that materials you used are toxic or having somebody injured on rocky terrain.  As much as we wanted to light Aneeta's dress on fire, we weighed the safety hazards and decided that we could have just as much fun without the safety hazard.

Personally, we're HUGE fans of trash the dress shoots.  Electricity is in the air as soon as the paint starts flying and the photos are always some of the most visually stunning.  That's not to say these kinds of shoots are for everyone though.  It takes a certain sort of couple to run around with their hands in the air, waving them around like they just don't care.  Aneeta & Ahmad embodied that completely, often getting so carried away with making a mess that we had to calm them down a little to get our shots.  It's seeing that kind of passion for one another that reminds us why we love to shoot.

When you have an excuse to paint the town red, yellow or any colour under the rainbow, we're always much obliged to be a part of it, especially when we get to spend the day with a couple like Aneeta & Ahmad!