Photo Albums and Prints

With the digital age we live in, albums & prints are often forgotten.  We want you to remember what makes them so great.  From the feel on your fingertips as you flip through the pages of your album to the beautiful depth in colour of your canvas print, these offer a great way to preserve and share your most cherished memories.


Luxury Flush Mount Album - $3200

We believe that you deserve the best experience when making an album of your most cherished memories. That's why we've searched high and low 

for the best quality albums.  It just so happened that the best quality turned out to be local. Our albums are all hand bound right here in British Columbia with high end luxury papers, linens, and leathers. 

Simple elegance. That's how we would describe our beautifully crafted leather albums featuring pages that lay seamlessly flat when opened. This allows your images to transform into stunning panoramic moments spanning two full pages. 

All of our Luxury Flush Mount Albums come enclosed in a clam shell box which offers superior protection for your album in the many years to come. 






Press Book Album - $1100

Our press book albums are also hand bound locally in British Columbia with the same high end linens as our Flush Mount Albums. 

Press Book Albums are side sewn by hand to avoid the cracking and dislodging of pages over time which can occur when glue is used. This ensures that your Press Book Albums will last as long as your love. 

These Press Book Albums come in a custom slip case allowing the album to slide effortlessly out of it's enclosure, providing great protection for your memories.