Imelda & Sameer - September 12, 2010

There was so much love within and between Imelda & Sameer's families that the rained out day was as heartwarming as the brightest in summer afternoon.  Hindu priests in the past have explained that rain on a wedding day is a blessing from heaven but we've never felt it quite strongly until this wedding.


It's easy to get worked up when things don't go as planned but Imelda & Sameer were as patient as we've ever seen with the rain.  We know nobody likes getting wet but they toughed it out for an amazing, albeit short photoshoot.  It may have been cut down to less than 40 minutes but with the help of an amazing bridal party, everything was superb.  Maybe we should work under this kind of pressure more often!


Imelda made our lives easy throughout the day.  Whenever a camera was pointed her way, we were treated to upwards of 5 completely different expressions.  It was such a treat to shoot somebody so uniquely photogenic.


We hope you enjoy this taste of Imelda & Sameer's wedding, featuring the bride we may have to dub "Most Expressive of 2010"!



Ceremony & Reception:  Arbutus Club

Photoshoot:  UBC

Getting Ready