Carly & Chris - June 23, 2012

The number two seemed to be following Carly & Chris' for their wedding this weekend.  Through growing up, getting ready, the ceremony and all the way through the reception, two was everywhere we looked.

Although Carly had a full bridal party consisting of several girls clad in green dresses, she had chosen two of them to be her maids of honour.  These girls had lived all on the same block and bonded at the tender age of two.  Growing up with brothers, Carly and her duo of best friends would turn to each other for some much needed girl time.  Lets not forget Chris who had to have a matching set of two groomsmen.
The two's continued to roll in as a pair of sparkling diamond earrings were delivered to Carly.  Chris was lucky they happened to be so perfect as he escaped his lack of gift wrap with little more than a playful scolding.
As the bustling morning prep gave way to anxiously awaiting the bride's ceremony entrance, it was hard not to notice Carly hanging two pictures from her bouquet.  One was of her grandmother and the other, her grandfather, both of whom had passed away.  This wasn't to hamper the mood, far from it.  Having them there with her as she slowly marched her way down the aisle made the day all the more special.
Finally, two happened to be the number of aunties that decided to regale the reception with a poem that had everyone laughing uproariously.
Carly & Chris are two people that love laughing, love singing (from what we saw, Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" seemed the song of choice), and most importantly, love each other.  On a day filled with twos, we couldn't be more happy to share the day with these two amazing people.
Music:  "I Found You" - Aaron and Andrew
Licensed from TheMusicBed


Getting Ready:  Fairmont Pacific Rim

Photoshoot:  Stanley Park

Ceremony & Reception:  Vancouver Convention Centre

Engagement Shoot

Steveston is a popular spot for an afternoon out. Walking along the water, visiting al the small shops, it manages to stay quaint and rustic despite all the people passing through. It's also a place of firsts. We've heard so many stories of couples that have had their first date, their first kiss, first (hopefully only) proposal, and even things as innocent and the first time couples held hands. While out on our e-shoot, Carly & Chris asked us "Can we get a shot with the mural?" Those who frequent the area know that this is a cliché photo spot that has become all but a requirement on trips out to the Steveston area. This time was a little different though. Carly's family is the proud owner of the cannery which suddenly gave Steveston a whole new level of meaning. This family connection got allowed us into a few areas that aren’t open to the general public, making this experience more unique still. We're often asked by people if we ever get bored of shooting in Steverston. While we're definitely very familiar with it, it's just a place. Each couple we're with brings a new element to the shoot and it's hard to get bored of seeing love like that between Carly & Chris. Understanding this place through Carly & Chris’ memories and eyes, understanding why they love it, that’s fresh perspective; even if we’ve been to Steveston a a few too many times. We hope you enjoy their Steveston love story and look at it with fresh eyes the way we did on this afternoon!

Engagement Shoot

Getting Ready