Niki & Dino - September 3, 2011

We always say that it's the details that can make or break a wedding.  Niki & Dino must have been taking notes because they had some of the most detailed decorations of the year!


It wasn't just that they were beautiful but they also helped to convey this couple in a way that fit them completely.  You see, Niki is a teacher so to match this, the two of them chose decorations with a school theme.  It had just the right amount of sentiment without going overboard, at the same time it managed to be colorful and plentiful.  Add perfect weather multiplied by fun plus loving people and if our math is correct, you get an A+ wedding.


Don't worry if you're not an academic whiz, you don't have to be to enjoy this wedding as much as Niki & Dino did!




Ceremony: St. Nicholas and Dimitrios Greek Orthodox Church

Photoshoot: UBC

Reception: Brock House

Getting Ready