Belinda & Eddie - June 25, 2011

We arrived early morning on what looked to be a wet and dreary start to the day but as these things go, things only got better.  Belinda was all smiles, completely composed and collected knowing full well that an overcast day brings the most gorgeous light.


Belinda & Eddie made our day a pleasure.  Their personalities mesh so well together and it was easy to see it reflected in their wedding.  From the awesome Mini Cooper 'convoy' to Eddie's oh-so-sweet tear-inducing Cat-in-the-Hat and fully rhymed vows.  After countless weddings, we'll never forget the Mini-Cooper 'convoy' that the bridal party rented out for transportation or Eddie's tear-inducing Cat in the Hat themed vows.  We're not sure we've ever heard rhyming vows that had us quite so moved.


While their personalities were large, their hearts were bigger.  On one of the biggest days of their life, Belinda & Eddie still made time to constantly ask everyone else how they were doing and make sure they were being taken care of.  It should have been the other way around but it goes to show the love and compassion these two are sure to bring to their married life.


Enjoy this glimpse at a wonderful couple whom we hope had as much fun on this day as we did!


Ceremony:  Cecil Greens

Photoshoot: Olympic Village

Reception: Kirin Restaurant (Starlight Casino)

Engagement Shoot


Apr 29, 2011.  People always ask us "Don't you guys ever get bored of shooting in Vancouver?  We only have a few usual spots."  First let us tell you that Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Travellers from around the world come here to marvel at the natural scenery and take in all the amazing photo spots.  Second, it's not always the locations that make a shoot incredible, it's often the couples we're shooting with.  It doesn't matter if we went to Woodwards twice.  Finding unique ways to capture these fun and beautiful couples is half the adventure!


Then again, when we have a couple with access to the Woodwards penthouse in the heart of downtown Vancouver, that doesn't hurt either!  After a few shots to get to know each other, Belinda & Eddie were amazing to shoot with.  That's one of the reason we love doing engagement shoots, it gives us a chance to really get to know our couples and for everyone to get comfortable in front of (and behind) the camera.  Can't wait for your wedding!

Getting Ready


Tea Ceremony