Gloria & Calvin - May 18, 2013

Living in Vancouver it's sometimes easy to forget how spoiled we are.  The beautiful backdrop of mountains and the bustling but never too busy city skyline become so engrained in our everyday life that we stop noticing them.  From Gloria & Calvin's penthouse suite at the Fairmont Waterfront, it would have been hard not to notice.  We were treated to a bird's eye view of the stunning scenery and took a few moments to appreciate it.


As with so many of our weddings this year, we were a little worried in the morning as the rain was pouring down.  There seemed no end in sight but, excuse the pun, it didn't dampen their spirits.  Calvin was even upbeat enough to tell us "They say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day!"  If that's the case then Vancouver must have some of the luckiest couples around.


As our photoshoot came to a close, we caught a glimpse of that good fortune.  The clouds parted and the sun beamed down.  It was just in the knick of time to rush over to Stanley Park for a few shots in front of the iconic lighthouse.


Maybe the saying really is true that it's lucky to see a little rain on a couple's wedding day but it doesn't matter.  With the love and passion that Gloria & Calvin share, they don't need luck as long as they have each other!


Wedding Planner: Events to the Nines
Ceremony and Reception: Fairmont Waterfront

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