Meagan & Rob - July 26, 2014

The problems of the world seem far away when you’re looking at them from the top of the mountains and that’s exactly how we felts spending the day with Meagan & Rob. Spending the day up at Grouse Mountain was a surreal experience that surprisingly, we haven’t done before. After years of filming in Vancouver, we finally had the pleasure of taking the gondola up to the peak to be a part of a wedding there. It did not disappoint. The view may have been breathtaking but the real showstopper was seeing how much this couple loved each other. While Rob isn’t known for being the most affectionate of man, we wouldn’t have known it from the way he and Meagan looked at each other all day. It was the stuff of fairy tales to capture that look in their eyes and one of the reasons that our job is so fantastic. We have Meagan & Rob to thank for that wonderful reminder.

Getting Ready

First Look