Andrea & Mark - April 7, 2012

Most people who plan their weddings do it upwards of a year in advance.  Andrea, contacted us by email just 2 months before her reception.  She requested no posed photos and to only focus on the candids.  Lucky for her we were still free and candids were our specialty.  Nothing is more exciting than jumping into a wedding knowing absolutely nothing about the day or the people, and discovering it as it unfolds.  That's photojournalism at its purest.


Understanding Andrea's request, not once did Andrea & Mark ask us what they should do when getting ready.  A bride only gets to dawn her wedding dress once in a lifetime, and we left it to Andrea to do nothing else other than enjoy the moment with her family and friends.


In just a four hour event, we were able to capture a full day's worth of memories.  Why?  Because it's the natural interactions that make the wedding special.  While a photoshoot is wonderful, Andrea & Mark understood that the day is about their love and nothing else.


Enjoy this wedding the way we did, completely unprepared but ready to see something beautiful!

Getting Ready

First Look