Megan & Dan - July 16, 2011

Time Flies.  Everyone always says it but we really mean it here.  We've been in contact with Dan since the early days of RF when we were stumbling through the dark and grasping for identity.  Look at us now, a few years have passed in the blink of an eye and it's time for Dan to tie the knot with his beautiful girlfriend Megan (although at the time of writing these, they're well into married life).  The night felt like it was much more than a celebration of the love between Megan & Dan.  For us, it was a reflection of how far RF has come in just a few short years.  Seeing people we've known for so long move into a new chapter in their lives is a wonderful thing.


On another note, the summer of rain continues.  After years of beautiful weekends, we were bound to have a few rainy ones, we are in Vancouver afterall.  That didn't stop us, nor did it stop Megan & Dan from having their storybook wedding.  Weather isn't the deciding factor in a perfect wedding, it's the loving company.  When you're with that special someone, the rainy days and sunny days are all just loving days.


Enjoy this snapshot of a beautiful couple having the time of their lives!



Ceremony: H.R. MacMillian Space Center

Photoshoot: Vanier Park, Granville Island, Granville Island Hotel

Reception: Dockside Restaurant

Getting Ready