Sharon & Keith - July 23, 2011

When we first met Keith on their engagement shoot, we thought he may well be the funniest and most energetic guy we've ever met.  Before the first click of the shutter, we realized Keith has the inate ability to be moving at all times.  It's like the happiness inside him is just overflowing.  If we had one word was set out to describe our first experience with Sharon & Keith: Awesome.


Jump to the day of their wedding and the atmosphere had done a complete flip.  While you could see the couple we met on that engagemtn shoot, it was masked by a layer of nervousness.  It wasn't fear, nor was it doubt that was causing their nerves.  It was the anticipation of something big in their lives.  Of course a wedding day is a happy day but at the same time, it's a very serious and important day.  It's grand.


Sikh wedding ceremonies can be intimidating.  There's an aura around them that demands respect.  Maybe it's that auro that pushed us and inspired us to get some truly amazing shots that caught even us off guard afterwards.


We hope you find Sharon & Keith's wedding to be as awesome and as grand as we found it to be!

Getting Ready



Departure of Doli