Angela & Chris - April 6, 2013

The cherry blossoms are one of the many reasons people choose to come to Vancouver.  It isn't often that they're the way people plan their weddings though.


Angela & Chris made it abundantly clear to us that they wanted cherry blossoms to play a part in their wedding as they had timed it perfectly to have them in full bloom.  Coming from the plains of Alberta, it would be easy to think that these beautiful pink flowers played a part in Angela's decision to move to Vancouver.  That is until you see how much she loves him and how much he loves her in return.


We don't know that we've ever seen such a show of emotion as we saw from "Big Chris" during their ceremony.  As he watched his stunning bride, Angela, make her way down the aisle, it was all we could do to keep ourselves from welling up just as much as he was.  On days like this, it's easy to remember why we love to be around weddings.


This is one of the most cherished memories of not only the couple but friends, family, and everyone else in attendance.  Thinking about how privileged we are to be a part of events like this never fails to make us smile.


So thank you Angela & Chris for glowing brighter than the cherry blossoms that surrounded you on this day.  You've started our year off with a reminder as to why we love what we do!


Angela & Chris