Cheryl & Rahul - June 16, 2012

Some days you cross your fingers for sunshine but it's just not in the cards.  That seemed to be the case on Saturday when, despite weather reports, we were all hoping for blue skies.  As the rain came down in droves, the spirits of both Cheryl and Rahul were unperturbed.  With a day full of so many ceremonies, they had to be.


Cheryl comes from a traditional Chinese family and Rahul's background is a mix of both Vietnamese and Indian.  Throughout the day we were fortunate enough to experience ceremonies from far more cultures than you would see at your average wedding.  Door games, bride bargaining, paying respects to ancestors, and of course, the traditional Western ceremony, this day had it all.


What's more, Cheryl had a new dress for almost every event.  You'd be hard-pressed to have caught her in the same outfit for more than a few hours.  Even Rahul went through a few wardrobe changes as we made our day through this exercise in multiculturalism.


Through the rain, through the stressfully jam-packed schedule, through all the ups and downs that accompany any wedding, we had to chance to witness how strong Cheryl & Rahul's love for one another is.


We hope you enjoy this little piece of what was a wedding day filled to the brim!


Music:  "Always Be" - Holly Maher

Licensed from TheMusicBed


Ceremony: Brockhouse

Reception: Pan Pacific

DJ: Skyline's Mobile Music

Wedding Planner: Events to the Nines

Cheryl & Rahul