Bob & Jacks - June 7, 2014

We've been to Calgary plenty of times for weddings but none quiet like Bob & Jacks' wedding. It was a special experience for us in almost every way. Co-host of the morning show on CISN Country 103.9 in Edmonton, it was easy to see why people loved tuning in to Jacks. Bob was no slouch himself as he and his groomsmen seemed to be laughing non-stop.

Through all our years, this was the first wedding we've ever done at a zoo and it certainly did not disappoint. We got to see everything from lions to giraffes and even got up close and personal with the penguins. There was just something so "cool" about having penguins running at your feet (pun fully intended). It's something we'll never forget and we have the amazing Bob & Jacks to thank for that!


Photography: Moments in Digital

Bob & Jacks