Eunice & Sean - June 30, 2012

The weather was very much a reflection of the couple we had the pleasure of getting to know this weekend.  Eunice & Sean were an exciting and adventurous duo that love to see their frequent flyer miles soaring almost as much as they love each other.


Just like one would expect from such a worldly couple, Eunice & Sean's wedding day was filled with tradition.  The morning kicked off bright and early as the groomsmen tried to bargain their way passed the bridesmaids using nothing but Canadian Tire dollars.  Sufficed to say, they were penalized quite heavily for the attempt.  The tea ceremonies today were especially significant as they gave Eunice & Sean a chance to honour their loved ones, especially those no longer with them.


Once the bridesmaids had their pockets filled and the emotional tea ceremonies had been completed, Eunice was carried off in a pagoda like a Chinese princess.  Tradition calls for the groomsmen to carry the bride to her wedding ceremony but they were lucky enough to have a pagoda with wheels to do most of the hard work.


Our evening was capped off with a performance from the bride's father, aptly named Elvis.  He serenaded the newlywed couple with a song to send them off into their lives together.


As you can see, the day panned out just like the weather.  It was sunny and beautiful at times, drizzling and somber at times but all the while full of the warmth provided by family, friends, and the loving couple, Eunice & Sean.


Music:  "Good Life" - One Republic

Licensed by SongFreedom


Ceremony:  Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church

Photoshoot:  Richmond Olympic Oval

Reception:  Sun Sui Wah Restaurant

Wedding Planner:  Events to the Nines

Eunice & Sean