Lois & Tory - May 6, 2013

It's always a pleasure when we get to head up to Whistler for the weekend, doubly so when it's to spend with a couple like Lois & Tory.  Usually when you think of heading into the mountains it's for a snowy, cold trip with skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying hot beverages by a steamy fire.  We were enjoying the heat alright but thanks to the blazing sun, no stoking of the fire was required.  


The sunny weekend lasted from start to finish and we were all burning up (albeit for different reasons than the wedding party who were dancing up a storm).  If we needed lessons on how to have a good time, we should have been taking notes from this rambunctious group.  Despite only being a close-knit group of family and friends from out of town, they made use of every inch of the dance floor.  They even had relatives hopping on stage for some impromptu performances!


No expense was spared on this wonderful weekend excursion but we're sure it paid off with all the incredible memories made.  We won't soon forget the custom tent nestled between the towering structure of Lois & Tory's hotel, nor will we forget the look on the guests faces when they spotted buffet stocked with King Crab, oysters and every other seafood delicacy we could think of.  Lois & Tory went all out for their special day which gives us confidence that they'll bring the same enthusiasm and care to their life together!

Lois & Tory