Monica & Tommy - August 6, 2012

Vera Wang.  Tom Ford.  Christian Louboutin.  Bentley.  Thomas Haas.  Oh, Monica & Tommy were there too.  Their wedding day read like a who's who of luxury and it was hard to believe that all of it belonged to a couple that was so down to Earth.


The morning's door games had us cringing as the groomsmen were forced to chow down on wasabi filled Oreos and bitter melon.  Aside from a few scrunched up faces, they all took it like men and moved right on.  It wasn't just a physical challenge for Tommy either, the bridesmaids made sure he was on his toes saying "I love you" to Monica in a whopping five different languages.


On a day that could easily have been filled to the brim with activities, Monica & Tommy made sure to keep things personal.  After leaving their gorgeous family's Shaughnessy heritage home, they were off to the Fairmont Pacific Rim for the rest of the day.  They managed to mingle with everyone on their modest list of guests as they enjoyed a relaxing cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception.  In our experience, most couples try to load in a few more photos or extra events during this time but Monica & Tommy were insistent on enjoying the company of their guests.


Despite their calm exteriors throughout the day, the wild side was let loose when the dance floor opened up.  As we were creeping away at the end of the night, we could distinctly make out Tommy & Monica in the middle of the crowd, busting a move like there was no tomorrow.


On a day like today, we're reminded that it's not about the things you have but rather the people you choose to share your company with and clearly Monica & Tommy have made the perfect choice in each other.


Music: "I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz

Licensed by SongFreedom


Ceremony and Reception:  Fairmont Pacific Rim

Wedding Planner:  Eternity Moment - Michelle Chan

Monica & Tommy