Marian & Justin - July 21, 2012

Bubbly.  We don't know that we've ever met a bride and groom that were more suited to the term.  Although it was very hard for us to believe, Marian wasn't always the giggly gal we met today.  It just so happens that Justin was the one who pulled her out of her shell.  There was hardly a time in the day that we didn't find the two completely animated about something or another.


Speaking of animated, Disney music seemed to permeate all parts of the day.  Whether it was humming along to "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" with the makeup artist or "A Whole New World" playing during the reception, the two seemed infatuated with the toons tunes.


The day started out cloudy and all signs pointed towards rain but if we didn't know any better, we'd say it was Marian & Justin's cheerful disposition that had the sun beaming by noon.  Hum, laugh, or just quietly smile along with this gleeful couple's wonderfully cute wedding!


Music: "Perfect Kiss" - Marie Hines

Licensed by TheMusicBed


Ceremony:  Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church

Reception:  Westin Wall Centre

Marian & Justin