Linda & Philip - June 9, 2012

Long distance relationships are hard to do but it makes couples all the more strong when they come out the other side.  Linda & Philip are an example of how to make it work.  While he's still in Florida finishing up his education, she's just recently opened up her own optometry clinic.  They're both doing separate things across the continent but they still make time for each other, evidenced by the wedding itself.  He flew clear across North America so the two of them should share this incredibly beautiful wedding day.


A lot of the planning fell to Linda's shoulders since Philip was still off in Florida during most of the preparation but she handled the pressure and made sure everything was just the way she wanted it.  Meanwhile, Philip brought some of his own flare with his groomsmen as they weren't shy to bust out some break dance moves during the photoshoot.


Not every long distance relationship is as perfect as Linda & Philip's so we hope you enjoy sharing this culmination of their love for one another!


Music: "Until You" - David Barnes

Licensed from TheMusicBed


Ceremony:  Holy Rosary Cathedral

Reception:  Shangri La Hotel

DJ:  Signature Wedding

Linda & Philip