Brittany & Michael - April 27, 2013

Everyone always imagines the perfect sunny skies and warm weather for their wedding but the morning of Brittany & Michael's wedding, the weather had other ideas.  With rain drizzling down, staff hurriedly wiped down the seats set out on the Hycroft's deck to prepare for the guests.  Once the ceremony began, we can't imagine anyone even noticed the rain as all eyes were focused on the couple.  It helped that their minister brought so much enthusiasm that it would have been tough not to be smiling and laughing.


With the ceremony behind them, fingers remained crossed as the couple prepared for their photoshoot and as if hearing their pleas, the clouds parted to reveal a gorgeous blue sky in the afternoon.  Maybe we can chalk this up to Michael's alter-ego (Batman if their wedding cake is to be believed).


Lucky for them they had the perfect vehicle for some spring driving.  Like something off the streets of San Francisco, Brittany & Michael transportation for the day came in the form of an old-fashioned Vancouver trolley.  We can't say that we've ever had a couple rent out anything like it and it was a blast to ride along with them through the streets of Granville Island.


If their wedding day is any indication, Brittany & Mike are in for a lifetime of fun-filled experiences that light up the lives of those around them.  Their unique personalities were on display in every facet of their special day and we couldn't be more ecstatic to have been a part of it!"

Brittany & Michael