Jess & Marc - March 18, 2012

We met Jess & Marc way back in the days of old, all the way back to when some of us were still attending post-secondary which is quite a few years ago.  It has been such a long time and it's so incredible seeing people we knew back in school, grow up and move on with their new careers and their new lives.


Off the top of our heads, we can think of many couples that share the same favourite meal as Jess and Marc.  They're brunch people, you know that strange time between breakfast and lunch where you feel you may as well mix the two together.  They love it so much that they decided their wedding should take place around brunch time.  Let us all say, we may have to do this brunch thing more often.


We hope you'll enjoy this small and intimate brunch ceremony!


Music: "This Is Just So Beautiful" - Jenny & Tyler

Licensed from TheMusicBed


Langley Golf Centre

Jess & Marc