Emma & Will - February 25, 2012

Emma & Will weren't only our first couple of 2012 but they were also our first couple to be shot on the RED Scarlet!  On the day of the wedding, they had no idea we would be bringing our new camera to their wedding so it was kind of a surprise for them.  We had our regular team shooting with our DSLRs as well as a bonus shooter there to capture everything in glorious RED format.


What you don’t see in the video is Dr. Will and his groomsmen partying it up “Chippendales” style in his penthouse… but we'll let them keep a little bit of privacy on that bit.


One of the biggest things about Emma & Will wasn't just our new camera but their amazing proposal story.  On a trip to Europe, they decided to climb to the peak of Mont Blanc, one of Western Europe's highest mountains.  Upon reaching the top, I think you can guess what Will did.  Emma must have felt like she was on top of the world, both literally and figuratively.


We hope you enjoy double the fun with both our DSLR and RED versions of this fantastic February wedding!


SDE Music: "Honey" - Sunbeam

Licensed by WithEtiquette

RED Music: "This Is Just So Beautiful" - Jenny & Tyler

Licensed from TheMusicBed


Ceremony:  St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church

Reception:  Vancouver Club Decor – Upright Decor Florist – Divine Vines

Planner/Coordinator:  Sandy Pandher (Dreamgroup)

Photographer:  Lori Miles (Sweet Pea Photography)