Linh & Malcolm - April 20, 2013

Cue the waterworks.  That's what started it all and on their wedding day, it was no different.


When Malcolm decided to propose, he approached Linh in a nonchalant kind of way and said today was the day he would ask her to marry him.  Ever the skeptic, she called his bluff and sent them on a afternoon affair of finding the right location.


They finally settled on the water fountains of Queen Elizabeth parks.  Nothing to that point had been working and Linh jokingly said "Just propose to me."

To her surprise, his response was, "That's what I'm trying to do!"  He whipped out an engagement ring and that's when the real waterworks started.


Flash foward to their wedding day and not much has changed for the two.  Both of them are quirky as ever with Malcolm adorned in white Vans while his groomsmen rocked matched white Pumas.  The day was filled with all the laughter you would expect at a wedding plus a little extra after a their Unity Candle mishap.


We hope there's always reason for Linh & Malcolm to enjoy a healthy dose of joyful waterworks and after spending such a beautiful day with them, we expect it won't be hard.

Linh & Malcolm