Julie & Eugene - June 30, 2012

It's funny the connections people have without even knowing it.  Julie & Eugene's sisters are best friends, they have been for years.  That being said, you'd think their siblings paths would have crossed at one point or another but what ended up connecting the two was the personals website, e-harmony.  We were pretty shocked to hear that online dating really works but Julie & Eugene are living proof that sometimes they work to perfection.


When we arrived to Julie's luxurious home on the morning of their wedding, we were treated a bustling atmosphere like we've never seen.  The entire household and bridal party seemed to be getting makeup at one point and with 15 people there, that's saying something.


While the day wasn't without it's hiccups (including falling behind schedule as all weddings do), there wasn't a thing in the world that could dampen the affection we saw these two share.  It didn't hurt that Eugene got a new MacBook Pro as a wedding gift either, we know that would keep a smile on our faces all day.  Another thing that keeps us grinning from ear to ear is working with a couple that is so clearly head over heels in love.


Despite having such close personal ties to one another, it took a dot com to connect the dots with Julie & Eugene.  It's a wild thing the way love works out.


Music:  "Now or Never" - Stars Go Dim

Licensed from TheMusicBed


Wedding Planners:  Dream Group

Makeup Artists:  Timothy Hung

Photographers:  Jonetsu

Reception:  Vancouver Club

Julie & Eugene